Love, Learn, and Live is the vision of CH Student Ministry. Our intention is for those who step into our doors to experience a safe, and healthy environment where hear the clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Bible to bring freedom into their life. Despite what their day has looked like, or what their lives have entailed. We will pour our hearts and time into the lives of each student. Our lives have been changed by Christ, and we dream to see other’s lives changed as well.

             This Fall, middle school and high school students meet from 6-7:30pm on Thursday nights in the Tamarack wing at the South end of the building.  We will provide sound Biblical teaching, meaningful experiences and education to help young people find and live out, THEIR full life in Jesus Christ.

              From intentional Bible study, small group conversations, and crazy activities, everything is designed to teach and show scriptural truth while inviting students into real relationship with Jesus and each other. We invest every week to make a difference every day.

-Sean Trostrud, 
Student Life Ministries Leader