Cedar Hills has a crystal clear vision for the future. As a church we are deeply committed to living out this vision in North Idaho and beyond. We’re not interested in playing church, collecting half-hearted followers of Jesus, or standing on the sidelines of God’s work in the world.

We want more!

Our vision describes in detail the kind of people we believe God wants us to become.

As we pursue this vision with all our hearts, and as we become the people God wants us to be, we believe that the church of Jesus Christ will become an unstoppable force (Matthew 16:18) that transforms North Idaho.

Our vision identifies five key expressions of community. We will become a:

  • Unified community – no one lives in isolation.

  • Mobilized community – on God’s team, benchwarming is not an option.

  • Generous community – we choose to model God-like, reckless generosity.

  • Viral Community – reproduction is key to the Kingdom of God.

  • God-honoring community – the ultimate focus of CHC is God’s glory.

For a full-length copy of the Cedar Hills vision, click here.

In a series called "I Love My Church", our lead pastor Eric Rust shared the compelling vision that God has given to Cedar Hills. Check out the video below to hear more...it'll be the best 16 minutes of your day! Our prayer is that God grabs ahold of your heart as you listen