Jesus Can Do Anything!


It’s your favorite Moose with some amazing insight from our Cedar Point Basecamp.

This week, we learned How God can do anything- SERIOUSLY! ANYTHING. He can even feed 5000 people with five small loaves of bread and two small fish. I pack more than that for lunch. Jesus really is amazing! Our story this week is found in John 6:1-15.

Many people followed Jesus around. They wanted to listen to Him speak or to watch Him perform miracles. It wasn’t surprising that Jesus had a large crowd that day. What was surprising - especially, to the disciples - was his request to feed this very large crowd. To give everyone just one bite of bread would have cost more than half a year’s wages. Yet, Jesus was able to take five loaves of bread and two tiny fish and multiply them. So much so, that they even had leftovers.


The Bible is full of incredible stories that show the power of Jesus. It is important that we remember; God is still doing amazing things today. Take the time to share with you kids the way God provides and shows up for your family.

 As always, I’ve enjoyed sharing with y’all.

See you next week to discover, know and follow.

Your friend,


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