God Keeps Me Safe

Hello Friends,

It’s your favorite moose, or at least I better be. I know there is a lot of competition for that spot in Northern Idaho.

I just wanted to let you know about all the cool things happening in Cedar Point this week.

Our Basecamp kids learned a particularly fitting lesson since this week contained Halloween.

We learned about how God keeps us safe, even when things seem scary.

Our story comes from Esther 4:1-5:8. Esther was in a pretty scary situation, but by being faithful and trusting that God would watch over her, she was able to save her people!

This week, I challenge you to read Esther with your kids and ask them what they are afraid of. If you need an example, Rusty is afraid of bears and escalators. Not easy walking on and off those with hooves. But in those moments I trust God and avoid malls.

As always, I’ve enjoyed sharing with y’all.

See you next week to discover, know and follow.

Your friend,


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