The Choices I Make Today Affect My Choices Tomorrow.

Rusty Here!

This week was bittersweet as we ended our series, Living on the Edge. The past couple weeks we have been talking about setting limits to keep ourselves on a path that follows and glorifies Jesus. We even asked our kids to define what a limit is. Oh boy, did they do a great job answering! They used examples like, Not touching the stove when it’s hot, or doing your chores, even if you would rather play video games. We sure do have some smart kids at Cedar Point.

Our last lesson in this series comes from Daniel. A man who set good limits and was able to honor God with his entire life, even in a lions den!

If you open your Bible to the Book of Daniel, chapter 1. You will see that God put it on Daniels heart not to eat the food from King Nebekenezers’ table. Daniel could have been executed or imprisoned by refusing this food. However; he followed God’s commands and limits and was later blessed with favor from the King.

Fast Forward to Daniel, Chapter 6. Daniel is 80 years old and a law is passed, which doesn’t allow prayer to God. Daniel chooses to pray any way and is thrown into a lions den! God not only protects Daniel from the lions, he uses Daniels faithfulness to declare HIS glory and power.

Daniel is a great example of how hard it can be to make good choices and how important our choices are for our future. In Fact, that is our point for today: The choices I make today affect my choices tomorrow.

Now, Daniels situations is rather extreme, but this lesson can be applied to everyday situations, such as; You may want to play with your friends after school, but you know that it’s Important to get your homework done first. So you make the choice to do your homework first, so that you can be prepared for your lesson tomorrow.

Check out the family huddle below for more information.

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