Eric Rust

Summer Schedule and Changes in Student Ministry Leadership


Hang around the Cedar Hills staff and you will soon hear that phrase used. I encourage our ministry staff to try new things and learn as much as possible. And when it comes to trying and learning...that’s where experiments shine. They allow us to try new things. They help us make new discoveries. They make us smarter. They keep us flexible and encourage creativity. 

This summer we ran a Gathering Experiment at Cedar Hills, testing out a two Sunday gathering schedule. Not knowing for sure what the impact would be, we decided to try a new schedule for 13 weeks and see how it might better serve and impact our church and community. Our summer experiment comes to an end this weekend, and the results are in! This fall we are continuing on with our current gathering schedule…Thursdays at 6pm, and Sunday’s at 9am & 10:30am. Kids Ministries will continue to be active at all three weekly gatherings.

Our ministry team knows this schedule is not set in stone. I am certain that at some point soon we will need to adjust our gathering schedule yet again to better serve our church/community. And when that time comes, we will wisely look at the options, try something new, learn from it, and continue to make necessary adjustments. Thanks for your flexibility this summer. We will keep you posted as the fall unfolds


Speaking of changes…we have a change in our student ministries leadership. This fall, Scotty and Sage Fitchett are stepping aside as our student ministries leaders. Scotty and Sage will continue to serve our students in a volunteer capacity, hosting and leading a Monday night dinner/discussion group in their home. Scotty won’t be going anywhere…he will continue teaching part-time at Sandpoint High School and running his logging business. Thanks for loving our students Scotty and Sage!


I’m stoked to announce that Sean Trostrud has joined our team as our Student and Outreach Ministries Leader. Sean and his wife Becca have been a part of Cedar Hills for almost 4 years. During that time they have also served as Program Directors for Cocolalla Bible Camp, leading an array of kids camps and discipling dozens of teen leaders during the school year. Developing the faith and spiritual foundation in young people is Sean’s passion—something that was instilled in him personally growing up in a missionary family in Papua New Guinea. Together, they are raising three daughters—Everly (3), Nora (1), and beautiful 10-day old Esther! 


Thank you to many of you who have been praying for Tami Heather. Tami served Cedar Hills for over 7 years in a variety of staff positions. She most recently has served as our Outreach Ministries leader. This summer, Tami was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and as such stepped away from her staff position so she could pursue medical treatment and focus on health and healing. Tami’s spirits are high, but she would love your ongoing prayer. In addition to Sean’s student ministries role, he is also overseeing our Outreach Ministries. We're excited bout the passion for these ministries Sean brings to the table. Welcome Trostruds!


Thanks Cedar Hills for being an amazing community…Nicole and I are so honored to serve you!