BBQ Beach Baptism

What could be better than a perfect summer day at the beach? How about a perfect summer day at the beach celebrating people who are going public with their faith in Jesus Christ?

For the last 16 years, as a church family, we’ve gathered every summer for a BBQ at the picnic pavilion on the south side of Sandpoint City Beach. This year, we’ll gather for this BBQ on July 29that noon. 

But this isn’t just any BBQ picnic—this is a picnic with a purpose.

That purpose? To celebrate with people as they go public with their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. Before family and friends, the people getting baptized on July 29 will emerge from the waters of Lake Pend Oreille boldly proclaiming: Jesus is at the center of my life, and I want everybody to know it.

Baptism broadcasts God’s transforming work through Jesus Christ. Here’s what one person wrote before last year’s beach baptism:

Today, down goes powerlessness. I’m doing away with my futile attempt to get things right. I’m ditching the baggage of the past—condemnation and all the guilt that goes with it. I’m taking up the love and life of Christ, along with the luggage he has packed for our future.

If you’ve placed your trust in Jesus Christ and have yet to be baptized, I want to see you get baptized on July 29. To sign up, mark your connection card at this weekend’s gathering or email

See you on July 29 for BBQ Beach Baptism.