Night of worship // February 16 2019

You know what I’ve noticed? People rarely avoid new things because of a lack of desire or a lack of ambition. More often then not, we as humans resist new things because there is a real or “perceived to be real” perception about the outcome, consequences, or implications of a decision.

During my time in Sandpoint, I have noticed an exciting potential with faith community collaboration that I’m not sure is “normal” across our country. Sandpoint has a very wide representation of life-experience diversity; it’s quite a melting pot of sorts. People from all over the country and the world have discovered the beauty of North Idaho and the allure of outdoor sporting opportunities. The landscape and all that this corner of the US has to offer has captured the hearts and lives of many travelers…who have caved in to its beckoning and decided to put down roots here.

…Because of this diversity, I believe there is amazing potential for things to happen, that we have never seen happen in this community before.

A few years ago I decided to contact some local church leaders, and start some conversations about this very thing. As I mentioned earlier, people rarely avoid new things because they lack the desire. So we started asking questions like “Why do we not see more churches collaborating together? Why do we not see more opportunities to merge resources, knowledge, experience and share facilities, finances, and people? Why do we not see large groups of people coming together to worship, pray, and serve? Why don’t we see organizations joining together, large scale, to share and celebrate the love of Jesus Christ with each other?”

I believe it’s because we simply haven’t come together and started doing it. Again, I don’t think it’s a lack of desire!

There is something new starting, something new pushing against the walls of reality, something new growing in the cracks and crevices of our church communities and culture. Over the last couple years, a few local churches have started experimenting together to see what would happen if we started to collaborate together in building large-group, multi-church gathering environments, focused on leading people in musical worship, prayer, and reflection. These environments have the goal of breaking down the walls of denominations and opening up the doors for community.

This weekend, Saturday February 16 2019 at 6pm, we will step into this again. Numerous people from our community will join together and partner together in musical worship, prayer, learning, and awareness. Click here to learn more about this event.

I want to invite you to push pause in your reality and embrace the idea that God may want to continue this move of unity we are starting to see to a whole new level we haven’t thought possible. Not a move of unity that takes us out of our churches, but a move that unifies each of us across all of our churches.

Weston Grillo