Planning for a Great Holiday Season

Are you feeling the pressure of the approaching holidays yet? If you’re not already you will very soon. Seems like this season puts the heat on with planning and decision making. Most of the focus surrounds what we’ll spend our money on, what we’ll spend our time on, and what events we will agree to participate in. One thing we can be sure of is that WE WILL run out of capacity. There will always be endless opportunities. Because if this it becomes increasingly valuable to design a framework for how we will make decisions, long before we are making them. 

The following paragraphs talk through a few ideas I have found to be valuable in my life when approaching seasons like this. 

Pre-decide your “main things”

If you are anything like me, there are certain things that always happen around the holidays....Thanksgiving dinner at a certain relative’s house, annual shopping trip with a certain group, this side of the family always has a gift exchange, travel expenses to that out of town party. Be so bold as to write down your main things in list form. You may have to take some things off the list. Decide what calendar dates are a must and get them on your calendar. These will help you calibrate your participation. You may have to voice your plans with certain people and communicate “we’re not going to be able to make it for that because we’ve chosen to do this instead”. 

Pre-decide “money caps”

Decide what you plan to spend on a specific holiday, party, or gift. If you have kids, decide what you will spend on each child. What often happens is when you’re out shopping you find a great gift idea. Without a solid cap, you’re emotions will get the best of you...and you will walk out of that story with “brand new credit card debt”. Decide your caps and stick with them. The season isn’t about how much you spend. 

Leave some “margin”

Extra time is amazing! Not only does margin provide a break between events and commitments, it also provides some spontaneity and flexibility. With margin it becomes easier to say yes to last minute parties, yes to that special gift you thought would never go on sale. But the margin has be planned in. This means no overfilling the calendar and being wise in setting your money caps. 

The upcoming holidays are a great time to share with family and friends. Lots of memories to be made and many experiences to participate in. Do your best to set yourself up to maximize your time and minimize stress and overscheduling. It’s gonna be a great 2018 holiday season!