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Walking The Way Of Jesus

Posted by Eric Rust on

This weekend, we celebrate the joy and power of resurrection…a single act that has reverberated throughout history for 2000 years. Every time I write or say that word…resurrection…something deep inside of me stirs. Seriously, it just happened again! It’s like a rumble in my stomach…but instead its deep in my soul. Like I’m waking up inside. I’ve come to understand that I cannot separate who I am today from the power of the resurrection.

This weekend, churches all across the world will gather, and through song and scripture, proclaim the wonder of resurrection. I’m looking forward to doing so with my community…Cedar Hills Church.

In addition to celebrating resurrection, Cedar Hills will be kicking off a spring teaching series called Walk this Way.  For 9 weeks, we are going to look at the life of Jesus Christwhy he came, who he was, what he said, and specifically, how he related to people.

Think about it…there’s nobody like Jesus. Of the billions of people who have walked this earth—no one has had the lasting impact on others that Jesus Christ did. Everywhere Jesus went, people followed. When he spoke, people listened. They couldn’t get enough of him. There was something so amazing, so inviting about him.  What was it that made Jesus so irresistible?

Jesus knew how to connect with people. He built bridges to the isolated, noticed the outcast, he prayed for the confused, he listened to the hurting, he asked questions when most pontificated answers, he loved the unlovable, he welcomed the lost, he served the needy, and he shared with all.

And we haven’t even mentioned his death and resurrection. How do you not change the world when you treat people like that?

Imagine…what if you and I began doing the same thing?

Think about the impact we could have on others if we engaged and cared for people the way Jesus did?

Jesus saw people all around him who were spiritually isolated—disconnected from God—and he made a connection with them. He saw people who were emotionally isolated, disconnected from others: lepers, prostitutes, children, zealots, those paralyzed by both extreme poverty and extreme wealth—and he build a bridge to them.

Jesus has so much to teach us.

We’re not just tackling these subjects in our weekend gatherings. Cedar Hills Life Groups and study groups are going to be studying Jesus, discovering how we too can connect with people who think and believe differently that we do.

Jesus is still irresistible. When we make space for others in our lives, allowing his love to flow through us, we become an extension of his resurrection power to a world desperate in need of full life.

See you on resurrection weekend!



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