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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Proposed
New Governance Structure for Cedar Hills Church

On Sunday, January 28th at 12:15pm, Cedar Hills is holding a meeting of our church membership. At this meeting, new governing bylaws will be formally presented to our church membership for their approval. The following FAQ provides some additional background on why a change to our bylaws is necessary.

  1. What is happening?

In early 2017, our church leadership began reviewing the leadership structure of our church. The goal was to identify and implement the most effective and efficient governance structure for Cedar Hills Church. It was determined that the best structure for Cedar Hills was to move from a trustee/elder governance structure to a Board of Directors governance structure. This decision resulted from many hours of evaluation of multiple governance models used in churches around the country. After much prayer and discussion, we adopted a plan to move forward with the implementation of a Board of Directors.

  1. Why the need to change governance structures now?

We have not performed a review of our church governance for over 15 years. As churches grow, the dynamics of leadership need to change to adapt to remain effective and efficient. Cedar Hills is bumping into a new benchmark in attendance (800-1000 weekly attendance), so a review was performed. It was evident that a change was needed in order to move effectively into the future God has planned for us.

  1. Who will govern the church if the new bylaws are enacted?

The church will be governed by a Board of Directors, numbering from 5-9 members as needed. The staff will continue to provide direction for the ministries of the church, with the Lead Pastor guiding the staff.

  1. Will the congregation be able to select the Directors?

The Directors will be selected by current board members, only after receiving formal input from the congregation. The first Board of Directors will consist of the Lead Pastor, current Trustees, and current Elders. The Executive Director will serve as a non-voting member of the Board.

  1. How much input will the congregation be given on decisions?

The members of the church will be empowered to vote on the following items as necessary:

  1. The selection or dismissal of the Lead Pastor.
  2. The acquisition of real estate property and major indebtedness greater than or equal to the

previous fiscal year’s annual revenue.

  1. The selling of all or substantially all of the church’s assets.
  2. The merger or dissolution of the church.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the church.

The advice of the congregation will be sought as needed by the church leadership.

  1. Why the fresh emphasis on membership?

You won’t find the word membership in the Bible. But the New Testament consistently illustrates the idea of wholeheartedly living life in the kingdom of God through a local church.

At Cedar Hills, members publicly identify with the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of the church. In addition, members pledge to personally participate in the life and work of the church.

Membership also qualifies a person to participate in major decisions, such as those listed above.

As we make this shift to new bylaws and a new governance model, we’ve rededicated ourselves to elevating the role and value of membership in the future.

  1. How can I become a member of Cedar Hills Church and participate in the January 28th meeting?

If you are interested in becoming a voting member of Cedar Hills Church, we will be offering three membership classes in the month of January. You can RSVP for any of the following classes by emailing

Sunday, Jan 14 @ 11am (Selkirk 1) Thursday, Jan 18 @ 7pm (Tamarack 2) Sunday, Jan 21 @ 9:30am (Tamarack 2)

  1. When would these changes take effect?

The changes will take effect on January 28, 2018, presuming an affirmative vote by the membership on the proposed Constitution and Bylaws. All who call Cedar Hills home are invited to attend this meeting.

  1. Are the beliefs of Cedar Hills Church changing?

Emphatically, not one bit. Our beliefs remain biblically sound and consistent. While every church holds dozens of beliefs, you can find a summary of our foundational beliefs at cedarhillschurch.com. These are the beliefs which guide us on a daily basis.

  1. Cedar Hills seems a lot like a non-denominational church, even though we voluntarily affiliate with the Assemblies of God. When did this affiliation start?

Cedar Hills Church has a 17-year history of affiliation with the Northwest Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God (NWMN). From the founding of the church, the NWMN has played a vital role in encouraging and supporting Cedar Hills. One of the great things about our association with the NWMN is that it is a voluntary and mutual affiliation, meaning that Cedar Hills Church remains self-governing, able to lead and govern ourselves in the direction we feel God guiding us. That’s why Cedar Hills looks and feels like a non-denominational church.

  1. Do we need to maintain affiliation with the Assemblies of God?

Much discussion, prayer, and thought went into the decision as to whether or not to continue affiliation with the Assemblies of God. After a very comprehensive review of the benefits of remaining affiliated with the Assemblies of God, it was determined that the wisest decision is for Cedar Hills to remain affiliated with the NWMN of the Assemblies of God.

  1. What do we get out of our affiliation with the Assemblies of God?

Cedar Hills Church enjoys a number of great benefits from our relationship with the NWMN of the Assemblies of God:

  • -  Not only do we have the freedom to express ourselves in the unique way God has wired us as a church, but we are encouraged to do so!
  • -  We benefit from the resources that the NWMN and the Assemblies of God offer, including the ability to consult with them on issues ranging from spiritual decisions, finances, and legal issues, access to the most extensive global missions movement of our day, and partnership with over 400 churches in the Pacific Northwest that are working together to bring the hope of Jesus to every one of our communities. Additionally, in the event of problems within our church, the NWMN can be asked to mediate any issues with an unbiased approach.
  • -  Cedar Hills has developed an influence within the NWMN, enabling our church and our leadership to encourage other pastors and impact many other churches across North Idaho and in the Northwest.

The benefits of maintaining affiliation with the NWMN of the Assemblies of God are extremely valuable.

  1. I may have some further questions. How can I learn more about all of this?

If you would like the opportunity to get to know more about membership, attend a membership class in Selkirk 1 on Thursday, January 18, at 7:00pm or Sunday, January 21, at 9:30am.



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