Life is better together.

Join up with others to fuel your spiritual growth. Cedar Hills hosts a variety of groups--Activity Groups, Discovery Groups, and Life Groups.

The Group Finder lists all active groups--click through for group details, location, and to email the leader.

Group Finder


Activity Groups

In an Activity Group, you’ll connect with people around a common interest, stage of life, or experience. Most activity groups meet once or twice per month.

Discovery Groups

In a Discovery Group, you’ll join others to learn and grow as you focus on a specific topic. Discovery Groups include both intensive facilitated courses of 6-10 weeks and multi-month Bible studies.

Life Groups

In a Life Group, you’ll study the Scriptures, connect with others in the group, and encourage one another in serving. Some Life Groups use talks from the weekend gatherings to spur discussion; other Life Groups use a curriculum or study guide focused on a book of the Bible or a specific topic.